About us

In 1988, our small company specialized in the manufacture of custom stainless steel parts for the restaurant equipment, sanitary equipment and food industries. Our expertise has since evolved enormously in design and manufacturing. In 2006 a man from a McDonald's restaurant called us to find out if we could repair a part that the weld was no longer holding. So yes of course no problem, so in addition to repairing the weld we solidified it. So from that moment word of mouth in the network of McDonald's restaurants in Montreal and the surrounding area contacted us for all kinds of products that they already have and that the quality is questionable. Now we serve more than 50 McDonald's restaurants and new ones are added every year.

We manufacture the same parts or parts that they ask us to measure not found elsewhere or discontinue. We manufacture superior quality materials such as thicker materials and weld well, NO spotwelds that don't last long, NO plastic that breaks easily. Our products are made tough because we know the tough life they will have. We deliver anywhere in Canada and the United States.